Metal Machinery 2020: The Greek Industry and the challenge of Industry 4.0

Rota SA and TEXPO are pleased to announce the launch of the second Metal Exhibition of Industrial Equipment, Metal Processing and Metal Processing Technologies 2020, which will take place at the Metropolitan EXPO Exhibition Center at the Eleftherios Venizelos Airport Exhibition Center from 13 to 15 November, 2020.

Given the unprecedented success of the first exhibition at the Metropolitan Expo in October 2018, Metal Machinery 2020’s aspirations are to raise the bar for success even further.

The exhibition that has already emerged as a benchmark for the industry will take place at an extremely positive time for the  Greek industry and there is already strong interest and demand. During Metal Machinery 2020 all the developments related to industrial equipment will be presented. Particular emphasis will be given to the challenges surrounding digital production and Industry 4.0, the current trend of automation and data exchange in production technologies, commonly referred to as the fourth industrial revolution. In this context, parallel events and workshops will be announced next year alongside Metal Machinery 2020.

Metal Machinery 2018, held in November last year for 3 days, attracted the interest of the dynamic manufacturing sector in our country. 103 high-profile exhibitors participated, giving thousands of visitors the chance to see up-to-date metal processing machinery and industrial equipment products. Significant B2B deals were closed at Metal Machinery 2018 and there was a strong demand for specialized solutions, especially in the areas of energy efficiency, process improvement and digital production.


METAL MACHINERY 2020, organised by ROTA SA and TEXPO SA, will open its gates from November 13 to 15 at the Metropolitan EXPO at the  Eleftherios Venizelos Airport.